Top Podcasts About Ketamine

This curated list of podcasts offer an opportunity to explore ketamine therapy and its benefits and its potential to change your life.

The Resurgence Of Psychedelic Psychiatry:April 9, 2021
NPR’s Emily Kwong and guest Jon Hamilton discuss the resurgence of psychedelic psychiatry, with a focus on the healing power of ketamine.
Ketamine, MAPS & what’s next for psychedelic-assisted therapy with Gita Vaid, M.D.: December 10, 2020
Host Jason Wachob and guest Gita Vaid, M.D. discuss the use of ketamine for depression, the future of psychedelic-assisted therapy, MAPS, and more.
Can KETAMINE Therapy REPROGRAM your mind? w/ Dr. Dave Rabin | AMP Podcast:July 7, 2020
Psychiatrist and Neuroscientist Dr. Dave Rabin sits down with host Aubrey Marcus to dive into the intricacies of ketamine-assisted therapy and how it can help people overcome deeply rooted emotional trauma.
The Mindspace Podcast #29: Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with Dr. Kyle Greenway:May 27, 2021
Dr. Joe and guest Dr. Kyle Greenway of McGill university discuss the intersection of biology, psychology, sociology, and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. Learn how ketamine differs from other psychedelics and what makes it a revolutionary new mental health treatment.
Ketamine for Alcohol Use Disorder with Steven Mandel, MD:April 17, 2022
Dr. Steven Mandel gives insight into ketamine’s ability to treat alcohol use disorder while also providing a glimpse into his own clinical use of ketamine to help patients struggling with several conditions.
Fact or Fiction? Is There a Harmful Interaction Between Ketamine & Antidepressants:October, 2018
The Ketamine Wellness Center answers your questions about the potentially negative interaction between ketamine and antidepressants like SSRIs.
Ep 101: How Ketamine Infusion Therapy Is Treating Mental Health:June 20, 2020
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Tatyana Gustafson gives you an in-depth and insightful breakdown of ketamine-assisted therapy and how it could help those suffering from treatment-resistant conditions.
034 – Tatyana Gustafson on Ketamine Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, Suicidality, and OptimizationJune 20, 2022
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Tatyana Gustafson gives you an in-depth and insightful breakdown of ketamine-assisted therapy and how it could help those suffering from treatment-resistant conditions.
Keith + Will’s Personal Experiences with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy – HPP 91:March, 2021
Host Keith and Will provide the most up-to-date and interesting information on ketamine and how it could change mental healthcare for the better. Join the hosts as they take you on a journey through the science of ketamine and into their own personal experiences with psychedelic medicine.
Charles Patti was Healed Through Ketamine-Assisted Therapy – Podcast Episode #7:June 8, 2022
Charles Patti shares intimate details about his personal experiences with ketamine-assisted therapy and how he believes it could improve society and the lives of people from all walks of life.
Mount Sinai Health System discusses how ketamine, cannabis, and ecstasy are being used (or studied) to treat everything from severe depression to addiction to PTSD.:October, 2020
In this episode of Freakonomics, the experts from Mount Sinai Health System explain how cannabis, ketamine, MDMA, and other psychoactive drugs are poised to drastically change how experts treat mental healthcare.
Is ketamine the answer for treatment-resistant depression?:June 14, 2022
Alok Jha and Natasha Loder delve into how ketamine could be the next major antidepressant and how it can help where traditional treatments have failed.
Use of Ketamine to Treat Chronic Pain (Podcast):April 18, 2022
Ketamine for chronic pain? The expert staff at the Cleveland Clinic details how they use ketamine to treat chronic pain. Learn about efficacy, safety, and the future of pain management.
The Deal With Ketamine Treatments:April 13, 2022
Learn what ketamine-assisted therapy is, how it could help you recover from some mental health conditions, and hear expert testimony on ketamine’s efficacy and safety.
Special K: Ketamine, From Party Drug To Depression Medication:April 22, 2019
Another insightful NPR special report covers how ketamine has gone from the club scene to the Doctor’s office. Learn how ketamine could be set to help millions of people recover from depression and other mental health conditions.
Can Ketamine Cure Your Depression & Anxiety? With Physician Assistant Lauren Swanson:September 5, 2022
Lauren Swanson and the amazing hosts at Very Well Minded go into all the details of ketamine-assisted therapy and how it could be the answer for people struggling with treatment-resistant conditions.
Episode 7 – It’s All About the Ketamine with Jennifer McEntee MD, MPH, MA.Ed and Daniel Markwalter, MD:April 24, 2019
Daniel Markwalter, MD,interviews Jennifer McEntee, MD, of UNC Chapel Hill about their use of ketamine for inpatient and outpatient pain management.
Dylan Beynon,CEO of Mindbloom: How ketamine-assisted therapy treats anxiety and depressionJune 2020
Dylan Beynon, CEO of psychedelic medicine company Mindbloom, shares his expertise about ketamine-assisted therapy and his vision of the future of mental healthcare.
Empowering the next wave of psychedelic therapists: Journey Clinical – all about KAP therapy trainingMay 23, 2022
Journey Clinical founders Jonathan Sabbagh and Myriam Barthes sit down to discuss how their platform is making psychedelic medicine like ketamine-assisted therapy more affordable and accessible. Learn about the potential ups and downs of the revolutionary new way to treat mental health problems.
Ketamine in ICU:March 28, 2022
List to Dr. Andrew Casamento’s hot takes on ketamine’s efficacy, history of use, potential as a mental health treatment, and possible side effects in another riveting episode of the Osler Podcast.
On transformational ketamine therapy and running an integrative psychedelic clinicOctober, 2021
Psychologist Genesee Herzberg of Sage Integrative Health talks about the importance of ketamine, mindfulness, and healing using a whole-person approach. If you’re interested in holistic health and how it could benefit you, then this episode will be right up your alley.