A Word on Ethics, Integrity, Compassion,
and What They Mean to Us

Shaping the culture of tomorrow with the voices of today.At Supermind (the parent company of Ketamine.net), our ethics pledge isn’t just rules or guidelines. It’s the roadmap we use to create content that educates, inspires, and expands the mind. Our commitment is to provide seekers with high-value information to support their healing path.

Values and Commitments:

Accountability: Our commitment to quality is of the utmost importance. However, human error and evolving scientific understanding are simply realities we face. With that in mind, we welcome community feedback via our contact pages. If an issue is found within our content, we commit to addressing the concern, updating the content, or otherwise answering the inquiry with care.
Growth: We pledge to learn and grow, always with the intent of becoming better.
Compassion: We create our work with compassion, appreciating the gravity of the topics we discuss, considering their impact, and finding the potential to enlighten.
Courage: We value the human story, and commit to exploring its greatest, darkest, and weirdest moments with an open mind.  
Collaboration: We are collaborators, with ears and minds open to our community in this evolving space.
Care: We emphasize quality and creativity. Our content is thoughtfully crafted and critical pages are medically reviewed.

What This Means to Us:We recognize that humanity is at a unique point in our shared history. For millions of people around the globe, mental health concerns have become a crisis. At Supermind, we take responsibility for presenting reliable information about the study of new, potentially life-saving psychedelic medicines and alternative modes of care. 

Even when we’re in a state of wellness, many of us yearn for a greater understanding of ourselves, the world, and consciousness itself. As such, our mission is to animate thought and support the inner journey through dynamic and expert content, resources, and tools. 

We commit to these tenets as the foundation on which to build our broad network of online properties, which have one goal – to provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions to support your most actualized life.

Supermind is a community where curious minds from all places and walks of life can feel at home, and share a passion for exploring what it means to be human.